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A sizeable part of gas station customers fill up with the cheapest fuel available. Some of them, however, choose the so-called premium fuel. what motivates their choice? Is it really worth it to overpay for expensive and supposedly better fuel? What is the impact on engine operation and whether it actually contributes to the longevity of your vehicle?

Expensive or cheap? What is the difference in fuel?

There is a number of fuel suppliers available on the market. How to determine which one of them offers the best quality fuel? You do not need to look very far to see that most of the suppliers supply fuel to domestic distributors. So what does that mean?

Fuel supplied to most of the refineries is the same. So why is fuel from different manufacturers different, and why do individual stations give us a different warranty on longevity and engine performance? The devil is in the details. Each type of fuel, whether more expensive or cheaper differ by type and amount of additives. Depending on the substitutes used, the final product differs in purity, changing the final price of fuel.

What really convinces us to use fuel of higher purity?

Higher fuel economy and improved engine performance are the most common arguments seen on petrol station commercials. Better fuel contains anti-corrosion additives and anti-foam agents to improve the lubrication of the engine.
The result of using premium fuel is longer engine life, and better combustion, which has a significant impact on improving the environment. After many years of steady use of more expensive fuel we will notice not only a cleaner engine interior, but more stable combustion

The largest companies, distributors and manufacturers will ensure that in addition to these advantages, the fuel also contributes to improved engine performance. The case is at least debatable. According to several studies, using better fuel will improve performance between 1.5 and 4.5 %. This can be a subject of debate, as it can sometimes be hardly felt by the user, because standard measurement error in these tests is 3%.

Protecting the environment is one thing – what to add to improve the performance and reduce fuel consumption?

The most important element to take care of in your vehicle – the drive unit – requires a careful selection of suitable additives. Automotive stores come to aid, where you can choose from among the thousands of manufacturers of all kinds of fluids. How to distinguish good enriching compounds from cheap imitations? First of all, the base ingredient of this type of product has to be a mixture of highly refined mineral oils and additives.

The top products of this category of base oil should exceed 90% of the composition. You must be sure that the engine lubrication is correct, and the remaining fuel is not deposited on the individual system components. The quality of fuel additives must meet the standard of the European Union, which is marked with the symbol (91/155 / EEC) – it is worth paying attention to that in order not to fill up with uncertified products!

Pro Engine Ultra – Certified fuel enricher

Universal enriching fuel PRO Engine Ultra is the result of work of automotive industry specialists from recent years. The resulting product was inspired by molecules GP. Bringing its composition, it turns out that the Engine Pro Ultra is a mixture of highly refined mineral oils with additives without unnecessary additives, dyes and amplifiers.

Pro Engine Ultra – for every engine

Sometimes it happens that a product on the market is of great quality and versatility. An objective look at the results of research and customer feedback from across Europe, it turns out that it is Pro Engine Ultra.
The product is used in many popular engine types: petrol, diesel and petrol with LPG installation. Engine Pro Ultra is dedicated to each type of fuel. Whether you refuel with premium brand or cheaper equivalents, Pro Engine Ultra eases the combustion process due when usinginferior fuel by effectively removing sediment from the combustion chamber so that the motor is properly lubricated, clean and efficient.

Pro Engine Ultra – lower fuel consumption, more comfort

Produced by automotive mechanics specialists, the Pro Engine Ultra formula is used by people spend their time on long routes and traffic jams in the city alike. Pro Engine Ultra safe for both the power unit and the exhaust system, because its components are highly concentrated. The processed oil base in the product is above 95%. Enriching fuel with Pro Engine Ultra does not require any change in driving habits or warming the car up, which makes automobile use in winter a lot easier.

Pro Engine Ultra Composition:

  • Highly refined base oil > 95% – meets the best fuel additive norms in the world! The most common specifications are: CAS:64742-54-7, CAS:64742-55-8, CAS:64742-65-0.
  • Enriching additives ~5%
  • anti-biocomponents – it’s what makes Pro Engine Ultra prevent the buildup of water on the fuel filter, which can lead to exhaust system and electronic system malfunctions

Scientific confirmation of the effects of Pro Engine Ultra use

Compared to other available products or methods to increase engine life and reduction in fuel consumption, nothing comes close to the cumulative effects of Pro Engine Ultra. Thanks to the strong synthetic oils and the best quality additives, all contained in Pro Engine Ultra, making it the top product among fuel additives.
The University of Connecticut United States conducted tests on 476 cars and various available fuel additives. Pro Engine Ultra turned out to be best in 84% of cases.

Thanks to the excellent performance, the experts noted a 12% reduction in fuel consumption 34% less fuel filter wear, improved dynamic performance (acceleration) of 6.8%, and stabilization of uneven engine work.

With these results, Pro Engine Ultra has found its fans not only overseas. From this year onwards, the product is successfully sold over the Internet in Europe. According to Scandinavian automotive authorities, Pro Engine Ultra ranks first among fuel enrichers. An excellent confirmation of the advantages of the product is the positive opinion of the Independent Association of Automotive Measurement, thanks to which the major European countries can enjoy the great properties of Pro Engine Ultra.

Pro Engine Ultra Additional information for car petrol + LPG users

A common problem with LPG converted cars is less frequent refueling of petrol. It is very important especially in winter, because gasoline stays in the tank longer, and so undesired trace elements and water settle on the walls of the tank. Long-term effects may include silting of the fuel system, which will manifest in considerable loss of power. In winter, water can begin to freeze causing cracking of the rubber components of the system and, consequently, an engine failure. To prevent such surprises regular use of the Pro Engine Ultra additive is recommended. It prevents water freezing and condensation on the fuel filter, pipes and valves, thus protecting your car.

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